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Victoria Moy is a New York City-based Asian American writer. She is a 2023 recipient of an Opera America IDEA grant for her libretto Immortal Labia, with jazz composer Alan Chan.  

She is the Founder of a new media & theater club called Owl's March. Victoria Moy’s book "Fighting for the Dream: Voices of Chinese American Veterans from WWII to Afghanistan" was published in November 2014. Following its launch at the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA), the book has been featured on NPR, NBC News, KCET and was #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Asian Studies.  


Victoria’s plays have appeared at The Carrie Hamilton Theatre at The Pasadena Playhouse, Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA, Willie Agee Playhouse, Villa Aurora, American Theatre of Actors, The Wild Project, Red Room, Access Theatre, University of Southern California, Dartmouth College.​ Victoria wrote the Arts Review column for Alhambra Source, which cross-published in Huffington Post.​


She was a 2016 Fellow of Creative Lab Hawaii’s Writers Immersive for Screenwriting, sponsored by The State of Hawaii partnered with WGA West. Victoria is one of three graduates of University of Southern California’s Class of 2015 in the Dramatic Writing M.F.A. program, a hybrid program that included study at the School of Theatre and School of Cinematic Arts. 


Born and raised in Manhattan’s Chinatown, in New York City, she attended Dartmouth College (where she was the only person of color, and one of ten people in a class of more than a thousand to major in theater). As a journalist, her works have appeared in Huffington Post, Brooklyn Rail, New York Press, Foreign Policy’s Tea Leaf Nation and many other publications. She speaks Cantonese and Mandarin, and is learning Spanish on Duolingo (on a 959 day streak as of 3/27/24.)

athena socrates_edited_edited.jpg

Victoria standing between Athena and Plato, University of Athens


Photo by Konstantinos Spiliopoulos

Fighting for the Dream Voices of Chinese American Vets by Victoria Moy


Voices of Chinese American Veterans from World War II to Afghanistan

A book-length oral history of 40 Chinese American men and women—ages 24 to 94—who served in wars from World War II to conflicts in Afghanistan. These individuals defied boundaries, went against their cultural grain, and changed history. Through their personal stories, we see a greater tapestry that is the story of America itself in the last hundred years. We see how Chinese American communities were formed, and have been changed, by U.S. wars.

Available on and


Films, videos, and interactive live experiences created by Victoria Moy

First and foremost a writer, Victoria has over the years also forayed into directing and editing. Discover her writing and directing style in some of her recent film projects here.

Click an image to see the short film.



February 17, 2023

"True Friend for Hire" is a proof of concept for Victoria's full length feature film of the same name. Featuring Jenny Soo as Lola and Deborah Ramaglia as her therapist, this excerpt shows Lola in therapy maybe taking literature and Moby Dick a little too seriously. Written & Directed by Victoria Moy, Cinematography & Editing by Tyler Ham Pong, Original Music by Lance Treviño.

Screen Shot 2023-02-12 at 5_edited_edited_edited.jpg


In post-production. Expected release in 2023.

Shot in Haliewa, Hawaii at the Lili'uokalani Protestant Church, with Jeremy Rafal playing an unhoused man, and Misa Tupou as a priest. Written & Directed by Victoria Moy. Cinematography by Ryan Griswold. Editing by Lucia Wang.



June 6, 2021

A drama conceived by Victoria Moy, Arthur Keng, and Jenny Soo for the 2021 72 Hour Shootout Challenge by the Asian American Film Lab, for the theme "be a hero," based on some of our collective pandemic experiences. This was written by Victoria, acted and self-filmed by Jenny and Arthur on their phones, and edited by Victoria in less than 3 days! This version you're seeing is a re-edited version in 2023, to improve on the abrasive cutting done to meet a 5 minute requirement demanded in the original version.



June 7, 2020

Written by Victoria Moy, this comedic short about competing viral plantfluencers was conceived by Victoria and actors Ashna Sharan, Isabel Zhong, Raymond Ma, for the Asian American Film Lab's 2020 72 Hour Shootout Challenge's theme of "going viral" and where toilet paper had to appear. This was written by Victoria, self-shot by the actors, and edited by Saranya Nayak in less than 3 days!



June 10, 2018

A musical written and conceived by Victoria Moy for actors Tsebiyah Derry, David Huynh, Grace Su, Charley Young, Gloria Jung, for the Asian American Film Lab's 2018 72 Hour Shootout Challenge. The challenge theme was "no more". Original music by Lance Treviño sung by gifted vocalist/actress Tsebiyah Derry. Edited by Grace Su, and filmed on Victoria's iPhone, at Kings Combat Fitness in Queens, all in under 72 hours! We won Top 10 Best Film!

LACupid Wars


February 11, 2018

Owl's March's first production, a Facebook Live interactive movie, about a proposal gone awry due to the interference of Los Angeles cupid gang wars, written and co-directed by Victoria Moy. Please select "all comments" when viewing the recording of the live movie to see the comments the actors were reacting to!



February 23, 2018

Owl's March's second live film production, where we visit an underground market for Asian bots with incredible singing and dancing skills! - and a continuation of our LA cupids and nymphs saga. Featuring the talents of Jennifer Betit Yen, Jinwoo Jung, Joomin Hwang, Jiho Kang. Please forgive the technical issues- this was our first indoor Live Facebook performance.



September 24, 2018

Owl's March's third live, interactive film production, conceived & written by Victoria Moy, and performed at the historic Phoenix Bakery in Chinatown, Los Angeles, where Boy and Girl, on a date about to enjoy mooncake for the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival, are visited by a pesky LA cupid and nymph. Featuring the talents of Jenny Soo, Robert Paterno, Hazel Lorenzo, Kirt Kishita. Please forgive the technical issues (we were still learning the limits of this experimental form) and select "all comments" when viewing the recording of the live movie to see the comments the actors were reacting to!



October 30, 2018

Owl's March's Facebook Live interactive Halloween eve performance! Featuring actors Cindy Chu, Danice Cabanela, Pablo J. Milla, Kirt Kishita, Howard Fong, Raymond Ma. Written by Victoria Moy, Story by Hazel Lozano and Victoria Moy. Music composed by Lance Treviño. Select "all comments" when viewing the recording of the live movie to see the comments the actors were reacting to!


A play by Victoria Moy

A play about foxhunting, two Asian American writers trying to make it in Hollywood, and the alphabet.

Excerpts from the October 22, 2016 reading performance at Ensemble Studio Theatre/L.A.'s L.A. Fest. Featuring Joy Regullano, Robert Paterno, Thaddeus Shafer, Abe Martell, Tarah Pollock, and directed by Meghan Lewis.

Images from "ABC of Fox Hunting" by Sir John Dean Paul Bart (1870), courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


Support Art by Victoria Moy

If you would like to support any particular project of Victoria's, whether it's her upcoming feature film "True Friend for Hire," post-production for "I Was A Stranger" or any of her projects she hasn't already mentioned on this website, or if you just want to just generally support Victoria, please donate any amount to her via Paypal, by clicking this button. Leave a note about which project you're supporting (if applicable) so she can thank you!

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