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October Reading

Shortly after getting back into Los Angeles, my collaborator composer Alan Chan and I met wtih his friend (and now my friend) opera singer Timur Bekbosunov to catch up over lunch at the legendary eatery Holbox.

Timur e-introduced us to the wonderful Diana Wyenn as someone who might potentially be able to help guide us in the development of our opera. Long story short: Diana, Alan, and I met, liked each other, and I was convinced to stay in LA an extra week to have a reading to help in the developing of my libretto.

I'm not going to lie- listening to everyone slowly pore over my text line by line felt painful. But in the end, the process gave me a clear picture of where to go from here in terms of revision. (So much more work ahead!)

Reading of my libretto "Immortal Labia" with director Diana Wyenn; opera singers and actors Sonal Shah, Kara Wang, Orson Van Gay II, Arthur Keng, Timur Bekbosunov, Lauren Campedelli; and composer Alan Chan.

Thanks to Timur for introducing Diana to Alan and me!

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